Our Story

Sockerbit Home is an importer and distributor of Scandinavian Design.

It all started many years ago when we were searching for unique Scandinavian products that would complement the Scandinavian candy that we sell in our candy shops called Sockerbit.

We were looking for affordable and original pieces, characterized by simplicity, minimalism and functionality. 

When we opened our first Sockerbit store in NYC in 2010, our dream came true, and we started bringing small pieces from Sweden and the other Nordic countries, focusing initially on Christmas and other holidays.  

Every year people would ask us where we found these items and where are they from and we would receive plenty of interest from other stores that also wanted to carry these unique pieces.

A year later, we decided it was time to create Sockerbit Home and we started importing more and more products and brands and contacting various clients all over the US. We then realized we need to reach more clients and that is when we decided that trade shows was the best solution for a small company like ours. 

Since 2012 we have been regular exhibitors at the NYNOW Show in New York City twice year, and our client list has grown continuously since then.

Our main warehouse is located in Los Angeles and our stores are located in New York City and in Los Angeles.

We hope you enjoy our products at home or in your store as much as we do!!!